The human cost of modern slavery is enormous, affecting individuals (men, women and children) as well as communities. The Church of England’s Clewer Initiative is a means to help churches and communities detect modern slavery and provide support to its victims.

UK Anti-Slavery Day - Modern Slavery

The Together Network has the contacts and resources to develop practical responses at local level. Working with partners we develop and support projects, and share our experiences and models of best practice with communities which are looking for ways to tackle the issues.

For the UK Anti-Slavery Day, we have put together several resources around the theme of ‘Let’s Talk’, including an anti-slavery day church resource and children’s resource. We have also created graphics of the prayers to use on social media. Those are all attached. All the resources are available from:

As well as resources for churches, we have also created a unique poster designed to raise awareness of modern slavery amongst homeless people for use in winter night shelters, drop ins, and soup kitchens. Alongside it there is a foldable card, designed for people working with the homeless to help them understand the signs of modern slavery, and know what to do when they come across it. On the website there is also guidance for volunteers and project managers on steps they can take in their projects. We will be pushing these from now until the end of the winter night shelter season. More information here:

We would really appreciate your support of the resources in the following ways:


  • Share the church and prayer resources with relevant diocesan officers and churches you are in contact with
  • Post about them on your own social media (and/or share our posts)

In the next few weeks:

  • Get in touch if you are working with homeless shelters who would display the poster and give out the cards to volunteers as we have a small amount we can post out. (Please note they cost 50p each to produce so only ask for what you can realistically use)
  • Send the Let’s Talk page and information to any shelters or organisations you know who are working with the homeless (
  • We would love more stories about homelessness and modern slavery to help people understand the issue. Get in touch if you have a story to share about a survivor you have met or any instances of traffickers recruiting from projects you have been involved with.
  • Keep an eye out for more information on Let’s Talk. Clewer will be working with the CofE Press team on pushing the homeless shelter resources around 13th/14th October and there will be an accompanying social media pack which we will circulate as soon as it is available.